By Steve Nichols

Video Tape LibraryCommercial delivery through Studio Post is the way to go, now more than ever before! HD, SD, AFD, H.264, Mpg 4, MBs & GBs, It’s enough to give someone a headache! Studio Post has been shipping commercials to broadcasters for years and we keep up with the ever-changing demands and delivery requirements. It’s a big job, but we keep an ever-expanding spreadsheet going with station contacts, hubs, satellite stations and delivery requirements.

We are in constant communication with broadcasters and electronic commercial delivery providers, as to the changing landscape of commercial television.

Some of the madness includes:

  1. Some stations only receive electronic delivery.
  2. Did you know that some stations require a HD and SD versions, even if your buy is only in HD.
  3. If you’re buying air time in Edmonton, your tape may go to Calgary or Toronto or even Ottawa.
  4. On one occasion the broadcaster asked us to put the HD commercial on a HD-beta sp tape ??? Huh.

Wayne Arthur from Extreme Reach says this about Studio Post,

If you want to deliver commercials to any broadcaster in the country”, go through Studio Post. They are really the ones who know how to do it right…”

Studio Post encodes commercials to exacting specifications ensuring both manageable file sizes and media quality for both HD and SD broadcasts. When you have commercials ready for broadcast television, skip the headache and make one call to Studio Post and let us worry about the details!

Steve Nichols is Director of Operations at Studio Post, Edmonton