By Mark Wood

Should we finish in HD or SD, what are other advertisers doing and how are they delivering their commercials?

Studio Post is one of the exclusive users of the electronic “Extreme Reach” commercial delivery system and we delivery commercials and campaigns across the country every day.

HD is definitely growing. The issue that does pop up is that not every broadcaster is exclusive to HD. Each broadcaster has various stations that require a HD version and a SD down convert.  So if you’re finishing a commercial in HD and it’s running on Global in Alberta, we will also need to provide them with SD deliverable information. Is it 4×3 Center Cut or Letterbox?

Extreme reach did a commercial delivery study in the last quarter of 2010. The report analyzed 7,500 extreme reach TV client brands, affiliates and broadcast destinations. Their analysis was determined from 142,000 SD and HD commercial deliveries completed over a 3 month period.

Here are some of the highlights

  1. While many retail and automotive advertisers are adopting HD, they rely heavily on SD locally.
  2. For the first time more then one-third of all broadcasters are accepting HD commercials
  3. Average HD commercial deliverables were 13% in this quarter with retail  commercial deliverables at 17% and automotive at 49%.
  4. Most HD advertisers have yet to add surround sound. Only 15% of the HD  commercials had surround sound.
  5. Commercials that ran over a longer period of time were usually HD, shorter runs were usually delivered in SD.
  6. The data from the report indicates that the majority of the advertisers preferred center cut (61%) over letterbox (39%), but the visuals need to be “center cut safe”. In some circumstances center cut does not work.

The best way to figure out how and what to deliver is to contact an experienced commercial electronic delivery company like Studio Post.

*Details of the report were supplied by the Extreme Reach Research Group.

Mark Wood is the General Manager at Studio Post, Edmonton and Treasurer of AMPIA.