A safe, secured storage area for your master videotapes and film.

Storing items in Studio Post’s Vault can save you money. How? We have some of the most competitive film storage rates in the country. Plus, we can help you free up valuable in house space.

Safety film storage only. We do not store nitrate film.

Rates (PDF Download. Acrobat Reader required)

The Vault: completely temperature and humidity controlled

  • Temperature maintained at 62-68° F.
  • Humidity maintained at 40-50%

We Store

  • Film Elements
  • Audio Tapes (all formats)
  • Video Tapes (all formats)


Studio Post can store all your film and video in a secured storage room with access only by one of our staff. Why choose us?

  • We provide a safe, temperature and humidity controlled vault for video tape masters
  • Secured lock up area for boxed film negative and paper files
  • We offer very competitive rates
  • Computerized inventory
  • Computerized traffic log
  • Quick shipping and receiving


  • The vault and locked storage area will only be accessible by Studio Post’s vault staff.
  • All stored items and information will be kept confidential.
  • Vault staff will only relinquish information or material to the designated signatories on your account

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