Save up to 29% by bringing your project to Studio Post. You may qualify for a Government guaranteed grant on all Alberta production spending, including:

  • Post Production
  • Special Effects
  • Animation
  • All Production Services
  • All Rentals
  • All Alberta Labour
  • Food & Accommodations
  • In-Province Travel and Out-of-Province Production Airfare
  • Set Construction and Props
  • Craft Services
  • . . . and more!

The Alberta Film Development Program offers a unique production incentive in the form of a grand against all eligible production expenses incurred in Alberta.

Alberta will contribute between 20% – 29% of all eligible expenses up to $5 million Cdn per project. This is equivalent to a 36% – 53% labour-based tax credit. Alberta’s level of contribution increases with Albertan ownership and the employment of Albertan key creative personnel.

And that’s not all. You can take this grant straight to the bank because it is accepted at face value at most financial institutions. This means they won’t discount your loan based on what your tax credit might work out to be. You know the amount you’ll be getting from the start!

Contact Studio Post to let us help you find out how to maximize these benefits!