Video is a powerful tool. Creating the right video – forging the right tool – begins with you.

  • Why are you investing in video communication?
  • What are your objectives?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How does your production fit in your communication mix?

By clearly defining the task at hand, we can work together to build exactly the right video for you. The right message, sent the right way, via the right medium, will always get the right results. Studio Post Productions is all about results. Just ask our clients.


With a clear understanding of your objectives and your audience, the Studio Post creative team brings their award-winning talents to bear on your production. Good creative is the key to grabbing the audience and keeping them engaged from the opening scenes to the final frame. This is the meeting of the art and science of communication; taking your message and delivering it in a way that the audience will find compelling. Effective creative development strikes a fine balance between critical content and entertainment. At Studio Post, we are the masters of telling a client’s story in a way that will get the desired results.

Case Study ~ Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital “Courage. Encouraged”

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This video was produced for display in the new Courage Centre at the Glenrose. One of the main obstacles for consideration was that it would be split across four screens with a visable seem through the middle. It was decided to make that variable work for us and incorporate it into the design. We created a virtual grid-based world. Transitions and picture in picture elements also reflect the grid. As much of the footage available was Standard Definition or below, we added extreme color corrections and effects to make the picture hold up in an HD environment.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”385″][/youtube]

Script Development

The script is the realization of all the analysis and creative thinking. Content and format are put to paper (or email, or Word doc, or whatever works for you) for all stakeholders to review. The script development process is the vehicle for your team to have a hand in shaping your video. It is the inputs and suggestions from the client team that will take your production to an entirely new level. Studio Post works in partnership with you to ensure that every message, every piece of critical information, every shot and graphic works together to move the audience toward your desired outcome. This streamlined approach consistently provides optimum results while managing production costs.

Production Planning

Planning is the key to efficient and cost-effective production. A comprehensive production plan respects the fact that your day-to-day operations must continue, even while a video crew is stringing cables and setting up camera gear. Studio Post Productions works closely with clients to develop a schedule that minimizes interference with workflows, and makes minimal demands of your greatest asset – your people. When properly planned, the video production experience is rewarding for everyone involved, and the quality of that experience is reflected in the end product. A good plan makes for a good production.

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