Blu-Ray / DVD Authoring

Studio Post provides professional quality Blu-Ray and DVD encoding, menu design and authoring. Give us your raw materials, video, electronic files, images, or anything else you want added to your finished disc, and our multimedia specialists will transform them into a customized, fully-interactive Blu-Ray, DVD or CD-ROM.


  • Menu design
  • Motion Menus
  • Closed Captioning
  • Commentary Tracks

Why Choose Blu-Ray?

With the success of the PlayStation 3 in the home console market, many homes now have theatre systems capable of high-definition Blu-Ray playback. Consumers are no longer limited to a standard-definition format at home, and more and more people are making the switch to high-definition.

Many producers already shoot in HD, edit in HD, and deliver to broadcasters in HD. It only makes sense for them to also deliver their vision in HD to consumers at home.

There are many applications in which Blu-Ray excels:

  • Feature Films
  • Exhibition / Trade Show Loops
  • Award Shows
  • Product Demos
  • Corporate Presentations


  • Delivery in full 1080p HD – 6 times the resolution of NTSC DVD
  • Many consumers already have Blu-Ray and HD capable theatre systems
  • More storage space (up to 50GB on a dual-layer disc)
  • Support for high-quality HD video codecs like H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and SMPTE VC-1


  • HD is not always the most cost-effective choice, especially if delivering in standard-definition or on the web
  • Some consumers are still limited to standard-definition playback

Planning is key to efficient and cost-effective production and post-production. We are well versed in the high-definition process, and willing to offer any advice we can.

If you are considering Blu-Ray as a delivery option, feel free to contact Steve Nichols ( with any questions or concerns you may have.