Updating NorQuest College. The campus and the video!

Recently the client from Norquest College called upon Studio Post to update the “New Campus Launch Video” we did a few years ago.

The new video incorporated new architectural drawings and animations, a new Presidents message and splashy new images.

Thanks to Kyle Brathwaite/Editor and Chris Wulff/Animator our team that finished the project in a compressed time frame.

Thanks Norquest for the project. We look forward to seeing the new campus.

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TV on the Web

Studio Post recently had a hand in two new web video series.

The Real Mantracker is a new venture from Rangeland Media featuring TV icon Terry Grant. The site features survival and tracking tips.

“Father Time is a Bastard and Mother Nature is a a bit of a Bitch” comes from Hired Gun Productions and is an 8 part web series that chronicles the lives of 45+ year olds who are saying no to getting old.

Both projects were edited by Carey Komadina who once again shows the ability to adapt his style to vastly different subjects.

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Storybook Ball

Studio Post always tries to give back and provide services to various charitable organizations in the city. One of the organizations that’s very close to our heart is the Ronald McDonald House. This year the Ronald McDonald house was putting on a new fundraising event called “A Storybook Ball”. It was an event chaired by Lynn Mandel to help raise funds for the Edmonton house.

Studio Post was asked to help provide a video to be played at this year’s event showcasing a little girl that has been staying at the house while she undergoes cancer treatments. The event was attended by more then 500 people and was a raging success.

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